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Under the Cape

Even superheroes need to have a brand expert to build and manage their image and businesses. At the moment Superman was first introduced in Action Comics #1, 1938, he was a huge success. He may have been the first comic book superhero, the first to have a successful licensing business, broadway show, radio show, film, television and animation shows, however, by the mid 90’s, his audience had diminished to preschool boys.
July, 1996 is the date that David Erwin joined DC Comics as the Creative Director. His mission was to build Superman and Batman into global brands and a global business. First he brought all of the create in-house in order to shape and manage a unique voice for each of the superheroes. Rather then the generic heroes in tights that had lost it’s individuality with the general audience.
Implementing his lessons from his previous experience in fashion, David targeted the core fans first to solidify the foundation on top of which other businesses could to be built. Working with, developing and presenting to buyers at the Warner Bros. Studio Stores, mid-tier and mass retailer, and decision makers at all of Warner Bros. Entertainment divisions.
Today, DC Comics superheroes, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more are enjoying global success across all ages, all demographics and markets.