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The whole story?
You’ve come to the wrong place …

No. You can never know the whole story. And, if you’re entirely honest with yourself … Would you really want to? It gets messy, you know. Complex. And it doesn’t always make sense. All the lines get blurry and your faith gets tested. The more you learn about it, the less you know.

Why would you want to change the beauty of a well-crafted narrative, with all its carefully curated details, perfectly tuned pacing and emphasized significance, for the unruly mess of motivations, misunderstandings and misplaced sympathies that is the full story? It raises so many questions. So many doubts. None of us could live with that kind of uncertainty. It would be unbearable…

Take the story of David and Goliath … We know that story, right? It begins with a slingshot, ends in massacre, and made David an unlikely hero and one day king. That doesn’t raise any questions in your mind? Well, ignore them. Ignore the questions that beg to be answered. Ignore your doubts. The story has been told. And the story is good. Its pictures are vivid, its meaning is clear. The Davids of this world can take on any Goliath, and live to tell the tale. Let’s leave it at that.

If you want the whole story, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you want a captivating story, however… Welcome to the Haus of David.


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